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Optometrist Oceanside, California

The multi-cultural community of Oceanside is a great place to raise children and enjoy the sunny Californian weather. With a large variety of schools and a near-by college, many families choose this city to be their home.

As you all know every individual should have his or her eyes examined once a year. Therefore many Oceanside residents choose our eye doctor at Camp Pendleton as their primary eye care provider. Our proximate to a large town gives us the opportunity to treat a large number of individuals and families- offering supreme medical eye care services.

Here are just few of the services provided at our optometry practice near Oceanside:

Comprehensive eye exams for children and adults

eye exam oceanside, caDid you know that proper vision care should start as early as 6 months of age? It’s important to check your child’s eye health and make sure that their vision is developing correctly. Before your child enters school, we recommend bringing them in to our Oceanside eye doctor for an eye exam to eliminate pediatric eye conditions such as lazy eye or strabismus.

However, you should not neglect your own vision as well. Unfortunately, we see patients that visit their optometrist only in case of eye care emergency or if they feel that something is wrong with their eye sight. In some cases, it can be too late. For example, if a patient notices glaucoma symptoms such as blurred vision, it may be too late and the only way to save his vision would be cataracts surgery. Our optometrist will refer him to a recommended eye care center specializing in cataracts surgery and would be happy to assist with post-surgery care and follow up.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Many of us spend a lot of time in front of our laptops and tablets. If you experience eyestrain, blurred vision or dry eyes, you may suffer of a very common eye condition called CVS. Many of these symptoms might go away the moment you stop using your computer, but some individuals may suffer from blurred distance vision even an hour or two afterwards. The first step in addressing CVS would be a diagnosis through a comprehensive eye examination at our practice near Oceanside, CA. We always advise our patients to make some changes in their work environment in order to help their eyes to focus better, as well as suggest new eyewear solutions which will help them overcome this annoying condition. Schedule a consultation with our eye doctor near Oceanside at 760-763-1757.

Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

If you decide to visit our doctor for eye exam or ocular disease management, please browse our large selection of designer frames and sunglasses. At our practice, you’ll find a large array of contact lenses suitable for eye conditions such as astigmatism, farsightedness, or dry eye. If you’re not sure if contact lenses are the right solution for you, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our eye care expert near Oceanside. We will be happy to assist you with your eyeglasses or contact lenses prescription!

Our Optometry Practice is located a short drive from Oceanside, CA!